Quotation service safety and building

1. Working Hours

- 24/24 hours per day, 07 days per week, 365 days per year including public holiday as to Labor Law.

2. The Quotation Would Include:

  1. Fees for security guard.

  2. Supporting tools: Uniforms and other supports.

  3. Kinds of insurance fees paid for security guards (Social Insurance,  Health Insurance, Accidents Insurance, Surgeons Insurance ,...)

  4. Kinds of insurances prepaid in which Your Respectful Company is the Beneficiary including the following insurances:   

  • Insurance of Assets

  • Insurance of Faithfullness 

3. Types of Security Services

  • Patrol, Guard.
  • Keep order.
  • Protect assets, goods.
  • Protect VIPs ( Bodyguard).

4. Support and Promotion

  • We offer the service of mobile patrol team to support whenever incidents happen at your location, including:
    • Quick Reaction Team.
    • Formality Team.
  • They will support you within 15 minutes right after receiving your request

We'd like to thank you for your time and concern. Please give us a call to arrange an appointment to meet with our team of experts, a security examination will be conducted for free. Hotline: 0936 11 38 38
For more details please contact us at
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