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Warning! - Fake Companies using our name.
Nowadays, there are various fake companies take Long Hoang's brand and name to run illegal activities, affecting negatively to individuals and businesses. Therefore, we want to provide our official information as follow to make sure that customers and clients can avoid getting harmed by ...
Dao Van Vuong "landed" a hat-trick in Bodyguard Championship of Long Hoang Security Agency!
Dao Van Vuong achieved gold medal in the first season of Bodyguard Championship of the company as well as won a prize in "Long Hoang's Got Talent" with the martial arts performance.
Long Hoang Company rewarded "huge" prizes in year end celebration!
During the year end party of Long Hoang, Miss Bui Thi Ha spent more than THREE BILLION VNDs (approximately 150 000 dollars) on rewards and gifts for all the staffs and members of the company to celebrate Lunar New Year 2019.
Miss Bui Thi Ha "dropped" THREE BILLION vnd to hold year end party.
Many celebrities were invited to the party as well as more than 2 billion vnd were spent on rewards for the staffs of Long Hoang organization.
Tập đoàn Bảo vệ Long Hoàng tổ chức sát hạch nhân viên Khóa XII
Hôm qua (12/8), tại Trung tâm văn hóa Phú Nhuận TP.HCM, hơn 500 nhân viên Tập đoàn Bảo vệ Long Hoàng đã có mặt để tham gia buổi Lễ sát hạch định kỳ theo kế hoạch của Ban giám đốc. ... Protection Status