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When assistant tools such as guns are allowed to use?
According to lawyers, the assistant tools are only and only allowed to use in specific cases provided by law.
Inspirational Role Models.
In the evening of July 19th 2020, at PVCom Bank in Phu Nhuan District, the two security guards of Long Hoang found a "mysterious" package.
Long Hoang's Policies of uniform, badge, shoulder-strap, and name board.
Theo điều 9 - 42/2017/TT-BCA - quy định Quần, áo, giầy, mũ, cầu vai, biển hiệu, phù hiệu ve áo, phù hiệu gắn trên mũ, biển hiệu của nhân viên dịch vụ bảo vệ
Famous Singer Dam Vinh Hung "party" with Long Hoang's security guards.
Dam Vinh Hung was invited to Long Hoang's year end party which was held by Miss Bui Thi Ha at Adora in HCM city. While performing, the singer invited his bodyguards to go on the stage to dance and sing with him.
Ranked A celebrities and singers partied like "crazy" in Long Hoang Company's year end celebration.
Dam Vinh Hung, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Quang Ha, Quang Le, Quach Thanh Danh, etc. performed "hot" songs and famous singles during year end party of Long Hoang Company. Protection Status