Provide camera

30/08/2012, 15:00 PM



·The system can use from 1 ro 4 cameras. System’s Camera is kind of camera fixed or revolve / sweep / zoom brand Esprit or Spectra
·Operation Center using digital set of video distributing and recording integrate 4 channels of DX1100 series with hard disk capacity from 60GB to 80 GB.
·Observation monitor is from 19 to 21 inches to display real images or playback  activities recorded  from cameras
·Center has inlets / outlets for alarm devices. 
·Cameras revolve/sweep/zoom directly programmed and operated by special keyboard.
·Video recorded in hard disk in options: continuously recorded 24/24hrs, recorded after alarm signals, and recorded as scheduled by user. 
·The system can display video playback as to information of date, time and of camera.  
·Application : The system applied for the need of making security observation at the office and middle or small factory.

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